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The master's studies in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences can begin either with the autumn term (HS) or the spring term (FS). Up to two specializations can be chosen. If none is chosen, students study under the "General Chemistry" program. Within each specialization at least 12 ECTS have to be chosen from the indicated core subject courses. The same goes for the "General Chemistry"-program. The remaining ECTS up to a total of 30 ECTS come from the non marked electives in the chosen specialization(s). Electives build a separate module and core subject courses cannot be compensated with electives.                  
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 Core Subject Courseses (marked with X) and Electives (blank fields): 30 ECTS // Thesis: 60 ECTS                            
       Specialization  offered in the corresponding semester                  
   Lectures and Courses  General Chemistry  Chemical Biology  Sustainable Chemistry  Advanced Synthesis  Nuclear- and Radiochemistry  Spectroscopy of Materials  HS2021  FS2022  HS2022 h/week ECTS  Root-No KSL Schedule
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At least 12 ECTS from “Core Subject Courses” per specialization; remaining ECTS up to a total of 30 ECTS from electives of the chosen specialization Advanced NMR I X     X   X X   X  1 1.5 406197  Mon, 1st half 07.02.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. J. Furrer      
Advanced Spectroscopy - non-linear properties, lasers, time-resolved spectroscopy X         X X   X  2 3 443870  Tue 01.02.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. N. Banerji      
Applied Electrochemistry X   X       X   X  2 3 433610  Thu will follow on demand  Chemistry  Prof. P. Broekmann      
Applied Mass Spectroscopy X           X   X  1 1.5 406196  Mon, 1st half 10.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. S. Schürch      
Atomistic simulations of fluids and solids (not always offered) X   X     X X    -  2 2.5 435159  Thu individual project on demand  Earth Sciences  Prof. S. Churakov      
Atmospheric and Aerosol Chemistry (not always offered)     X       X    -  2 3 4163  Wed 26.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. M. Schwikowski    
Basic Medicinal Chemistry X X         X   X  1 1.5 3021  Fri  2nd half 14.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. R. Häner      
Chemical Biology I (this lecture alternates yearly with the lecture Chemical Biology II) X X          -   X  2 3 3461  Wed  -  -  Chemistry  Prof. J.-L. Reymond      
Chemical Biology II (this lecture alternates yearly with the lecture Chemical Biology II) X X         X    -  2 3 3462  Wed 02.02.2022 ondemand  Chemistry  Prof. J.-L. Reymond      
Chemical Crystallography X         X X   X  2 3 3025  Wed 19.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  PD Dr. S. Grabowski      
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine - an Introduction             X   X  1 1.5 407145  Mon 2nd half 24.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Dr. C. Fuhrer      
Environmental Radionuclides and Nuclear Dating (not always offered) X       X   X    -  1 1.5 4164  Fri 21.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. S. Szidat      
Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry (Earth Sciences, not always offered) please contact if you plan to take this course X    -   X  2 3 423096  Mon  -  -  Earth Sciences  Prof. T. Nägler  Prof. D. Rubatto  Prof. K. Mezger  
Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry X   X       X   X  2 3 438012  Tue will follow on demand  Chemistry  Prof. M. Arenz      
Introduction to the Physics & Chemistry of Surfaces X   X     X X   X  2 3 8603  Thu 10.02.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. R. Fasel      
Molecular Electronics X         X X   X  1 1.5 472150  Mon 31.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  PD Dr. S. Liu      
Nuclear / Radiochemistry X       X   X   X  2 3 3015  Thu 03.02.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. A. Türler  Dr. R. Eichler    
Physical properties and synthesis of the organic nanoscale systems X     X   X X   X  3 4 471810  Fri will follow on demand  Chemistry  Prof. T. Solomek      
Principles of Nucleic Acids X X         X   X  1 1.5 3019  Fri  1st half 14.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Prof. R. Häner      
Radicals in Organic Synthesis (this lecture alternates yearly with the lecutre Syntehsis of Natural Products) X     X     X    -  2 3 3460  Thu 10.02.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Dr. F. Dénès      
Scientific Writing             X   X  1.5 2 8197  Wed 2nd half 22.12.2021 on demand  Chemistry  Dr. O. Serkédi      
Seminars at DCB X X X X X X X X X  1 1.5 465815  irregular  -  -          
Specialist Course - Carbon Cycle (offered irregularly, only unitl HS2023)     X       X    -  4 4 7830  Tue see KSL on demand  Physics  Prof. F. Joos  Prof. T. Frölicher  Dr. Ch. Laufkötter  
Specialist Course - Introduction to Medical Radiation Physics (Physics Mater)         X   X   X  3 4 160752  Thu + Fri see KSL on demand  Physics  Prof. P. Scampoli  Prof. S. Bracchini    
Supramolecular Chemistry and Applications of Lipids   X         X   X  1 1.5 448983  Mon Weeks 1-7 17.01.2022 on demand  Chemistry  Dr. P.-A. Monnard      
Synthesis of Natural Products (this lecture alternates yearly with the lecture Radicals in Organic Synthesis) X X   X      -   X  2 3 24820  Thu  - on demand  Chemistry  Prof. P. Renaud      
Advanced Medicinal Chemistry - from target to drug X X           X    1 1.5 3456  Fri  1st half   on demand  Chemistry  PD Dr. J. Hunziker      
Advanced NMR II       X   X   X    1 1.5 437986  Fri   on demand  Chemistry  PD Dr. J. Furrer      
Advanced Solid State Chemistry and Spectroscopy           X   X    1 1.5 407150  Mon Weeks 8-14   on demand  Chemistry  PD Dr. K. Krämer      
Applied Optical Spectroscopy in Chemical Biology   X           X    1 1.5 407144  Fri Weeks 1-7   on demand  Chemistry  Prof. R. Häner  Dr. O. Khorev    
Basic Solid State Chemistry and Spectroscopy           X   X    1 1.5 407149  Mon Weeks 1-7   on demand  Chemistry  PD Dr. K. Krämer      
Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting X             X    1 1.5 468464  Tue Weeks 1-7   on demand  Chemistry  Prof. P. Luciani      
Enzymes in Catalysis X   X X       X    1 1.5 468463  Mon/Wed irregular   on demand  Chemistry  Prof. F. Paradisi      
Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology               X    2 3 3461  Thu   on demand  Chemistry  Dr. S. König      
Fragrance Chemistry (not always offered)   X   X       X    1 1.5 7140     on demand  Chemistry  Dr. P. Kraft      
Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Earth Sciences, not always offered, block course)         X      -    2*15 2.5 8492  see CTS (block)   on demand  Earth Sciences  Prof. M. Mazurek  PD Dr. P. Wersin    
Homogeneous Catalysis X   X X       X    1 1.5 454474  Mon, Tue, Wed (Block) on demand  Chemistry  Prof. M. Albrecht  Prof. F. Paradisi et al    
Introduction to organic photochemistry (as of FS22) X   X X       X    1 1.5          Chemistry  Prof. T. Solomek      
Introduction to Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry         X     X    2 3 407148  Wed   on demand  Chemistry  Prof. A. Türler  Dr. M. Behe et al    
Membrane Biochemistry               X    2 3 2226  Wed   on demand  MLS  PD Dr. R.-P. Charles  et al.    
New Frontiers in Sustainable Organometallic Chemistry[2] X   X X       X    1 1.5 454476  Tue   on demand  Chemistry  Prof. E. Hevia      
Nucleic Acid Analogues X X           X    1 1.5 3457  Thu/Fri  2nd half irreg. on demand  Chemistry  PD Dr. M. Hollenstein      
Process Chemistry (not always offered)       X        -    1 1.5 407147  Mon Weeks 8-14   on demand  Chemistry  Dr. R. Dumeunier      
FS21 - HS22 possible ECTS per spezialization 57.5 21 26 22 16 24.5                            
Lectures from bachelor programs (max 4.5 ECTS)                                        
Biochemische Methoden I (German)             X   X  2V+1Ü 3 2102  Di 25.01.2022    Biochemistry  Prof. Ch. von Ballmoos  PD Dr. A. Stocker  Prof. A. Türler  
Biochemie III (German)             X   X  2V 3 2003  Mo 24.01.2022    Biochemistry  Dr. V. Herzog  Dr. E. Karousis  Dr. S. Nasif  
Ethik + Philosophie der Biologie (German)             X   X  2V 2 3539  Mo 24.01.2022    Biology  Prof. H. Würbel Dr. R. Hufendiek    
Genetik II (English)             X   X  1V+1Ü 2 1523  Fri 14.01.2022    Biology  Prof. M. Nowacki  Prof. P. Meister  PD Dr. A. Schaller  Prof. T. Leeb
Immunologie II  inkl. Praktikum (English)             X   X  2+1P 4.5 2800  Mi 19.01.2022    Biology  PD Dr. A Eggel  et al.    
Mikrobiologie I (German)             X   X  2V 2 1513  Di in the spring     Biology  Prof. I. Roditi  Prof. T. Ochsenreiter    
Zellbiologie II (German)             X   X  1V 1 1542  Mo 17.01.2022    Biology  PD Dr. A. Marti      
Biochemische Methoden II (English)               X    2V+1Ü 3 2103  Mi      Biochemistry  Prof. N. Polacek  et al.    
Biochemie IV (German)               X    2V 3 2101  Mi      Biochemistry  Prof. A. Schneider      
Immunologie I (English)               X    1V 1 1524  Di  2nd half      Biology  Prof. M. Bachmann  PD  Dr. M. Vogel    
Mikrobiologie II (German)               X    2V 1 1525  Di      Biology  Prof. I. Roditi  Dr. A. Bühlmann    
Master Thesis Chemical Biology - Organic Chemistry. 12 months duration *                   60    Mon-Fri individual hand-in dates    Chemistry  Professors of the Chemistry Departement    
 >>> PhD in Chemistry and Molecular Science                         fall semester              
                            spring semester              

Sandra Zbinden:
Please note the exam registration deadlines in KSL. Each Institute has different deadlines.
There is also a rule that you always have to register for the first date of an exam. Repetition exams are only offered to people who failed in the first attempt or were sick/in the military.
Sandra Zbinden:
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